Doodle Workshops For Wonderful People!

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kids wonderful me workshop

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Welcome to Teacup Doodles, I’m Toria, artist mother and cake lover. I couldn't be more passionate about spreading joy, creativity and positivity through art. I love designing and creating fun doodle workshops for children and adults.

Being creative is fun, relaxing and mindful; the perfect antidote to our over stimulated world of smart phones and devices. My workshops bring people together for a shared creative activity. We doodle, we laugh, we colour, paint and cheer each other on.

Sessions include the ‘Wonderful Me’ Workshop aimed at promoting self-esteem and self-worth, a subject close to my heart having suffered from Alopecia since childhood. I use my life experiences of the condition in a positive way to encourage others to see their inner beauty, celebrating their strengths and qualities in a fun and engaging way.

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