Doodle Events Available To Book Now


Children’s ‘Wonderful Me’ Doodle Workshop

Saturday 23rd November 1pm, 2.30pm Darby’s Arts Lounge, Urmston

Does your child know how wonderful they really are? My 'Wonderful Me' Doodle Workshop is a doodle workshop with a difference.

Aimed at promoting positive self-esteem and self-worth, children will learn to accept their flaws and recognise and celebrate the strengths, talents and quirks that make them unique and so very WONDERFUL!

Your child will create their very own 'Wonderful Me' Doodle to take home and will receive an inspirational badge to remind themselves every day how wonderful they are!

Investment £10 includes drink, biscuit & inspirational badge. Age 6 - 11 years (Limited spaces available)

Ladies ‘Wonderful Me’ Doodle Workshop

Thursday 5th December at kelder, urmston 7-9pm

Gather your best pals together for doodles and drinks at Urmston most stylish wine bar for a positive and inspiring evening.

Being over-critical of ourselves, focusing on flaws instead of qualities is all too common….BUT it’s time to stop with the negative self-talk and celebrate your wonderful-ness in all your doodle glory! Start thinking about yourself in a positive way and lead a more positive life.

The evening begins with a unique ‘doodle presentation’ from Toria as she shares her personal story of turning her life around using self-love and positivity. This workshop will remind you to celebrate the strengths, talents and quirks that make you so very wonderful and unique! 2 hours of doodle creative fun and laughter for grown-ups! Investment £20

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Children’s Halloween Doodle Workshop/Party

Saturday 26th October 1pm, 2.30pm

Darby’s Arts Lounge, Urmston

Join us for a spooktacular workshop with a party atmosphere to doodle your favourite Halloween characters. You’ll learn how to doodle Dracula, Frankenstein, zombies, trolls and witches. Or have a go at creating your own unique monster! Fancy dress to this event is very welcome.

Investment £10 includes drink, ghoulish biscuit snack and spooky gift.

Age 6-11 years. (Limited spaces available)

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Creativity is intelligence having fun!
— Albert Einstein
Ladies Doodle Session

Children’s ‘I Believe’ Christmas Bunting Doodle Workshop

Saturday 21st december 1pm, 2.30pm darby’s arts lounge, urmston

What better way to start the festive holidays than with some Christmas crafting! Design and doodle your very own 'I Believe' Christmas doodle bunting using water colour pencils and sparkly gems. The perfect decoration to leave around the Christmas tree for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Christmas jumpers or festive, sparkly wear welcome! Investment £10, includes drink, festive biscuit & gift.

Age range: 6-12 years (Limited spaces available)

‘We Are Super Heroes’ Workshop

Are you looking for a super doodle workshop? We can all be ‘SUPER’ every day by believing in ourselves and being brave, kind and strong. Children design and doodle themselves as a Super Hero using doodle resources or their own unique designs. If you would like to book a ‘We Are Super Heroes’ workshop for your home or event, get in touch.

What Are Doodle Workshops?

Are you looking for a fun, empowering and positive art workshop?! Doodle workshops provide a happy and positive space where children, young people and adults can be creative in a fun and relaxed way. You don’t have to worry about being ‘good enough’ because there is no right or wrong way to doodle!

Workshops cover a variety of themes with a strong focus on well-being and include the ‘Wonderful Me’ Workshop that promotes self-esteem and positivity.

I accept group bookings in your own home or another venue and I work with schools, charities, clubs and businesses. I can also design bespoke workshops to cover specific themes or events.

Doodle workshops are fun, relaxing and mindful, a welcome change to the digital world we now find ourselves in! They bring people together through creativity, encouraging human connection and a memorable shared experience.

Creativity and mindfulness have been proven to promote positive mental health and well-being which is a subject very close to my heart and an area that I am passionate in trying to make a difference.

You can’t use up CREATIVITY, the more you use, the more you have!
— Maya Angelou