How to order your doodle!

Please allow up to 4 weeks for the complete production of your doodle.

  1. BROWSE - Before you place your order, have a little look at the doodle examples on my gallery page or instagram account. This will give you a great idea of how your hobbies, interests and ‘unique’ information can be portrayed. Remember these are just ideas, so feel free to come up with your own as that’s what makes your doodle unique to ‘you’!

  2. PURCHASE & PROVIDE YOUR FAMILY INFORMATION - During the order process a family information form will pop up. It asks for names, ages & approx height of your subjects and all information that you feel is relevant to that character. If you want them to be wearing any particular style of clothing or colours then mention it here. You'll also be asked about hobbies and interests which make your doodle more personal to you and increase the 'smile factor'. You will be asked to upload photographs of your characters. Don't forget to add pets, they look great and really make the doodle special and you can have one free pet included in your order!

  3. UPLOAD PHOTOGRAPHS - There is a photo upload link at the bottom of the pop up form that appears when you are ordering. If you are using a desktop PC then upload your photos here. If you are using a mobile device, you may have difficulty with this upload so when you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation e-mail which includes another link for photo upload.

  4. APPROVE YOUR DRAFTS - you will receive a pencil draft from me usually within a week (possibly longer during busy times). The first pencil draft is a basic outline sketch to make sure you're happy before the doodle is inked. Any changes to the sketch must be communicated at this stage as once the doodle is inked, the sketch is final. You will then receive a second draft so you can check all graphics and spellings are correct before printing. Make sure you take your time checking the names are in the right place and everything is spelt correctly!

  5. SMILE - Once you have approved your order, it will be coloured, carefully packaged and shipped first class via Royal Mail. Sit back and watch the smiles…WOOP WOOP!


Common Questions:

How do I send you my photographs?

You will be asked to upload your images when you place your order and fill in the information form. If you re-name your images with your family name, it will make them easy for me to identify when I receive them in my folder. All images are deleted upon completion of your artwork.

Help! I’m having problems uploading my photos onto the form and completing my purchase.

If you are using a mobile device you may find that when you upload photos, you are unable to return to your form to complete your order and you have to start from the beginning which is very frustrating! Instead, you can complete the form and purchase your doodle - then upload your photos when you receive your confirmation e-mail using the photo upload link provided within the e-mail.

How many people/pets do I select?

You can select doodles for up to 6 characters then just add ‘additional characters’ for a small charge. Don’t forget to include your pets as they really make a doodle look extra special plus you get ONE FREE PET as part of your order!

I want a doodle for a special occasion but I’ve left it until the last minute, is it still possible?

My turn around time is generally 2-3 weeks however please contact me if you have a deadline or special date in mind. You can also purchase an ‘Express 1 Week’ option for an additional charge of £10 but please get in touch first to make sure I’m available to prioritise your order. If I’ve agreed your deadline is possible, please be sure to also put a note on your order in the comments section of the form with the date you need the doodle by.

Can I have use the digital image of my doodle to create cards, photo gifts or invitations?

Yes! If you would like to use your doodle image for a family photo gift such as a mug design, mouse mat, card or invitation, you can purchase the digital file of your image for an additional £10 (via my shop) which licenses the image to you for this purpose.

Can I copy my artwork or use it for commercial purposes?

No I’m afraid not, all copyright is owned by Teacup Doodles and images must not be used for commercial reasons without permission.

If you have any further questions about any of the products before you purchase, please get in touch!

Visit my Instagram pages for doodle ideas and inspiration....

Legal Disclaimer: Any logos or brands featured on doodles are drawn from family photographs. Teacup Doodles are not affiliated with, nor do we represent or work with any brands.

All art work copyright remains with Teacup Doodles. Please do not copy without permission.

Absolutely adore our family portrait! Thank you so so much Toria @teacupdoodles
— Natalie MacAnthony on 24 Jul, 2018