A WONDERFUL boy called Jude…..


I love this photograph - a precious family moment captured forever. Four brothers sharing a joke with hilarity and joy. The eldest boy in the middle, creased up with laughter and so full of life…. is Jude.

Jude went to primary school with my son, they shared a love of gaming, stunt scooters and being creative. Their class was a close-knit group of boys and girls who began their friendship at the tender age of just 3 years old when they joined the school nursery and church community.

The children were coming to the end of their primary school journey when Jude became ill. He'd started having excruciating pains in his arm which quickly became unbearably worse. An x-ray revealed a large mass in the bone of his right arm. Further scans revealed tumours in Jude’s lungs and after a further biopsy, Jude began chemotherapy treatment at Manchester Children’s Hospital.


Jude bravely battled the disease for 10 months, undergoing a 7 hour operation to remove the bone which was replaced by titanium. Devastatingly the cancer was too aggressive and it continued to grow despite the chemotherapy treatment.

Throughout his gruelling treatment and up until the day he died, Jude was fundraising for Bone Cancer Research. He would make hama bead creations and take them into school to sell, inspiring others to do the same.

Sadly the disease is not as well funded as other cancers. More money and greater awareness is needed to improve research in this area and Jude was passionate about making a difference for others.

Following his death, his parents and the local community started using the hashtag #bemorejude born from his selfless, inspiring attitude. Jude truly was a wonderful young man and his legacy lives on.

No family should have to go through what Jude and his family have been through and raising money to fund more research will give other children a greater chance of survival. This is why I have chosen to support Bone Cancer Research through Teacup Doodles. I wish with all my heart that my son’s friend Jude was getting the bus to high school every day with his classmates.

When you buy a ‘Wonderful’ A4 print or ‘Wonderful’ A5 card from my Teacup Doodles shop, 10% of your money will go directly to Bone Cancer Research helping to give other wonderful children and their amazing families hope.


In 2018 your orders raised £50 for Bone Cancer Research!