'Wonderful Me' Self Esteem Workshops!

Hello everyone! I’m super excited because March is the month of my first official ‘Wonderful Me’ self-esteem doodle workshop.  The idea for this workshop has been bubbling away for a whole year and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve felt very nervous about launching the concept.

Running workshops can feel pretty scary! You start thinking all sorts of things like; ”what if no-one books?” and “what if they don’t like it?”  Despite my worries and silly self-doubt, I decided to be brave, trust my instincts and take a giant leap of faith.

The reason I had to go for it was because I feel so passionately about making a difference and I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea and I’m learning to listen to my intuition! Over the last couple of years, I’ve had a few light bulb moments and one of these was realising that many of the difficulties in my life have been a direct result of low self-esteem.

I always thought that if you were confident, you couldn’t have low self-esteem but that isn’t true! I’m a confident, bubbly person but I am also a people pleaser and I find it hard to say no or put myself first.  I’ve learnt that these are traits of low self-esteem and can negatively impact your life.

In my case, it’s been; bad relationships, some crappy employment experiences, negative friendships, avoiding conflict, agreeing with people (when I don’t really) and soooo many other things.  I’ve also suffered with Alopecia since childhood.  I lost all of my hair in my 30’s which was pretty traumatic and it took time to accept and love new hair-less self.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because….if I had understood and been taught about positive self- esteem when I was a little girl, maybe I could have worked on building it up, avoided a lot of difficult situations and side-stepped a whole lot of pain and heartache?

Which made me think….what if we did teach this to children? And what if I could help?

Statistics on the Young Minds website show that almost 1 in 10 children have a diagnosable mental health disorder.  Children are growing up in such a different world.  Celebrity influencers and social media appear to be an unavoidable part of this world, which are causing children to place unrealistic expectations on themselves.

But what if we taught kids about self-esteem and self-acceptance so that they felt more resilient?

What if we show them to love everything about themselves, to celebrate their strengths and see their differences not as flaws but ‘special features’ that make them unique? 

What if they arrived at high school, having done some self-esteem groundwork that helped them feel happier and more confident in themselves? 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful?!

So that’s what I’m trying to do……using my doodles and creativity (which also has a positive impact on mental health by the way!)

If it helps one child to feel happier and more self-assured then it’s making a difference. I’ll also be donating a percentage of proceeds from every ‘Wonderful Me’ workshop to Young Minds to help support the amazing work they do and Jude’s Fund at The Bone Cancer Research Trust.

My first ‘Wonderful Me’ Children’s Doodle Workshop is on 16th March at Darby’s Coffee Shop & Arts Lounge in Urmston, Manchester. I’m also available to hire for group workshop bookings at your own home or other location - just contact me to discuss so we can plan and make arrangements!

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