Last weekend I had the honour of meeting the driving force behind the female running club Solemother, based in Urmston, Manchester.  The club was founded by the inspiring Grace Lees and offers a safe and supportive community where women not only exercise together but motivate each other and build friendships.

I was invited by Grace to run a ‘Wonderful Me’ doodle workshop for the club’s junior members; the Soleminis, at her home.  I immediately saw why she is thought of so highly by her community.  Grace is a natural cheerleader and runs the club with passion and positivity, championing runners at every stage of their journey

The workshop was a joy from start to finish!  The Soleminis were a gorgeous bunch of enthusiastic, polite, warm-hearted girls. Here we are below in Graces’ kitchen about to start our session.


We talked about how the way we think about ourselves affects our feelings, actions and our overall happiness…..and that our thoughts are our superpower!

I then gave the girls some worksheets to write down six things about themselves that make them feel proud, special or unique.  This isn’t always an easy process, sometimes we’re the last to realise how wonderful we really are!


The girls then got to work on their doodle.  Everyone had a unique style and it was such a pleasure to see the girls shining a light on themselves.

It was an emotional morning, as part of the process is learning that the things that make us different (that we might not always like) are also the things that make us special! 

The workshop felt like a huge success! I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves and took something positive away with them. After spending a year thinking and deliberating over this concept, to finally see such a positive end result, was absolutely amazing!  My heart was full for the rest of the weekend.

They all took away an inspirational badge from Colour Your Life Club to remind them that in order to be wonderful, they just need to be themselves!

Thank you to Grace for taking such brilliant photographs throughout the session and for the other parents for granting me permission to use them.

The girls looked so happy when they held up their artwork for the camera.  I truly hope they walked away feeling a little taller, a little stronger and a little braver.


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