Give A Grandparent A Doodle

There are some people in life that make our lives brighter and grandparents are often those very people. If there is anyone that deserves celebrating, it’s all those wonderful grandmas, grandpas, nannas and grandads, Nains and Taids (that's Welsh!) in our lives.

It’s only often until we have children ourselves, do we learn to appreciate our parents. They offer so much love and support without asking anything in return yet it’s not always easy to let them know how much they are appreciated.

Buying birthday and Christmas presents for grandparents can prove tricky indeed. They don’t really need anything and certainly don't ask for anything, I mean how many pairs of socks or lavender gift sets do they really need?! So what can you give them to how much you care and put a smile on their face? Well it’s a pretty safe bet to assume their greatest joy in life is their grandchildren which is why a Teacup doodle could be the answer.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to create some bespoke doodles for some very special grandparents and they are fast becoming a firm favourite of mine. My clients provide photos and details to create truly bespoke pieces of artwork. In fact I was recently lucky enough to see one lovely grandma open her doodle and I was bowled over by seeing her pointing out each grandchild, smiling away with pride.

Blog Post 2 Grandparent image 1.jpg

Doodles really can put smiles on faces; so if you’re stuck for gift ideas and want to see those special grandparents smile, give a doodle!